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Bandit Racer is a single player open source HTML5 combat racing game inspired by games like Rock'N'Roll Racing and Mini Car Racing.

Outmaneuver or destroy enemy racers to win races. Earn cash to buy, upgrade & kit out cars. Win all races in a league to unlock the next league. Win all 3 leagues to win the game!

It was built using the excellent GameJS HTML5 game framework and uses javascript port of Box2D for physics.


  • 15 levels across 3 leagues
  • 6 upgradeable cars
  • 12 upgradebable weapons & utilities
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • In-game track editor

Earlier game used to have multiplayer. With some effort it would not be too hard to implement it again, just need to fin time & motivation...

Sound is currently turned off, as samples are low quality and mostly annoying :) Maybe someday I can find someone to produce better sound fx.

If you're into this sort of thing, check out the source code. I've also written a concise example project for the car physics used in this game.


Domas Lapinskas - game design & programming.

Oscar Lindqvist - UI design & art

Dovilė Lapinskaitė - art

Simon Oberhammer - GameJS framework, various help & support